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We say Cornucopia,
as if it was
the Magic Fountain of Abundance,
where nothing is ever missing!

This way too,
our objective,
through this website,
is that it becomes a Cornucopia,
so that You never lack
what You search for
and so it can help
to discover
that the greatest Treasure
You are searching for,
is in YOU…

In Your decision to fully assume the Love that IS
taking care of the Other who,
even though has not yet assumed or discovered
that he is also Love,
through Your Affection and Care,
giving Yourself in Your Special way of BEING,
allows You to be Reborn from Yourself,
as if it had just come out of an Egg,
from a prison
of the Earth system
and came out of that shell
that the prison is,
to discover the Freedom
of a Bird,
that FIND THE WINGS when it tries to take CARE of the Other
and realize that AFTER ALL

Who knows,
that Egg will bring an Angel, in You,

I know it happens…
with Everyone I met…
Why would you be an exception?

The Rebirth of the Egg
in which You are trapped,
for the Abundance that you never discovered to be at Your disposal
and, therefore,
renounced the sadness of emptiness…
and started to celebrate the giving yourself of INFINITE LOVE in ACTION!